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Frequently asked questions

What is the process?

     First we will discuss how you want to use your space. Next we will sort through your items to determine what is most needed, what can be tossed, recycled or given away.  Then we will decide on a storage system which will make the space functional and accessible. And last we will discuss a maintenance system so you can continue to enjoy the space as intended.


Can you work without my help?

     It depends on the project. If there are a lot of personal decisions to make then it easier to work side by side. On the other hand, with  clear direction from you I can work on my own.


How long will it take?

    Every job is different,  but time can usually can be determined by a phone call, sometimes a visit is needed to better understand the scope of the project. An average session is 3 hours. Of course I will work around your budget and time constraints as best as I can.


What if I don't have the time to clean before you come?

   It is best if you don't clean, this way I can help you create a system of organizing that works with how you actually live. The best way for me to understand your needs is to see what is wrong with your current system.


Will you make me  throw anything away?

   I will not force you to throw anything out, those decisions will be yours. If you need to downsize we will thoughtfully go through your things and decide what and where your excess items will go.


What are your thoughts on privacy and confidentiality?

    I do not release any client information without express permission and abide by the NAPO National's Code of Ethics, available to read on their website.

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